1 kilo anchovies
400 – 500 gr. thick sea salt
400 gr white vinegar
500 gr. olive oil
2-3 garlic cloves
½ bunch of chervil (or parsley)
1 tsp peppercorn
Marinated fresh anchovies are one of the most delicious side dishes for ouzo or tsipouro. You can find fresh anchovies more or less all year round. They can be consumed fried, roasted and very often cured or marinated, a way to preserve fish for longtime.


1.With scissors, cut half way the head of the fish. Pulling off the head, the guts come out as well.
2.With scissors (or your thumb) you can cut the belly. Remove the spine and any gut remaining, and then open the fish completely.
3.Removing the spine, you can pull off the tale but if you think it’s too fragile for you to do with hand, you can cut the tale with scissors.
4.Rinse every fish thoroughly under cold water and place them in a pan or a pot, layering them and sprinkling them with a lot of salt, both sides of the fish. You continue this way with every layer.
5.Let the fish aside for about 2 hours.
6.Rinse very well the salt under cold water and place anchovies in a clean pan and cover them with a good quality of white wine vinegar for 8-10 hours at least, out of the refrigerator.
7.Add olive oil, minced garlic, mixed peppercorns and any herbs you prefer.
8.After 8-10 hours remove fish from vinegar and place them in an airproof container, making layers.
9.Cover with olive oil (or any vegetable oil) and flavor with garlic, peppercorn and chervil (or parsley).
10.Maintain in the refrigerator.

Anchovies are small fishes, excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids. They accompany vegetables and beans and a simple seasonal salad with anchovies can stand out successfully.

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