I’m Georgia, even though many friends of mine call me Zorzet! I live in Patras, Greece, were I was born and raised. I studied French literature in Athens and had my master in Education of French as a foreign language. I’m married to my big love and we have three beautiful and full of joy children. Coming from a mountain village I have many beautiful memories from my grandma, cooking delicious food in her little kitchen such as savory pies, sourdough bread and soups, making her own Greek yogurt and cheese with goat and sheep milk and creating from scratch her own pasta like trahana (frumenty) and xilopites (lasagna) using fresh and simple ingredients.

My father bakes his own sourdough bread since I remember him and he loves to cook for his family. My love for healthy food has been developed through years to a desire for nourishing my own family. As family gathers around a table, sharing moments of joy and happiness, it seems essential to pass through the knowledge as the know-how from generation to generation, without forgetting the taste, the smell, the procedure, the result, the pleasure. I love experimenting with new recipes and ingredients and I adore recipe development. Every recipe you find here has been tasted and approved first from my family.

Being to the kitchen for hours, trying new recipes, experimenting with ingredients, not familiar till that time for me, I discovered my passion for food photography. Yes, food can be the star of a photo shooting. It brings back to memory, flavors and smells. A whole story can be told through an image! My love for food photography is the third reason of creating this beautiful page. Getting started from a smart phone, I now try to shoot with a descent crop DSLR camera and maybe someday I‘ll buy a full frame, who knows?