Coming from a village is a true bless. Villages in Greece, mountainous or seaside, are beautiful. Life there is so calm that even people with a more extroverted character and a cosmopolitan lifestyle could be enchanted. Truth is that life there has another rhythm. Getting distanced from technology, incessant waste, noise and pollution, gives us the opportunity to redefine ourselves. Evaluating what gives us more pleasure and how we could be happier, is an offer from heaven.

Every time I go back to my village, on the mountain of Erymanthos, in the Peloponnese, I love undertaking things that make me feel plenitude and creativity. Food couldn’t be missing. Kneading and baking sourdoughs, cooking roasted at the wood oven, as making pies with handmade “phyllo”, are the first things to cook whenever I reside to the mountain. Last year I made cheese with sheep’s milk. It was such an easy way to create cheese from scratch. Hopefully this year I make it again and show you how easy the procedure is.

And if you think that making cheese or kneading and baking bread always made me feel happy, I have to admit that once I was enjoying just eating them! But having a big family now, being able of creating and offering healthy goodies, pays me back with the most of happiness. After all, everybody comes around the kitchen always with one word on the lips: “I’m hungry”.

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