Last January we had our first family trip abroad. After a lot of thoughts, about the right time and the suitable destination for children, we decided to visit London. We thought that having the opportunity to communicate in English, a language that they already learn, would motivate and excite them.

London is considered, a family friendly destination as it has innumerable sightseeing interesting for children such as Natural History museum, Science museum, British Museum, Zoo and Aquarium. Lion King, a spectacular musical that we had the opportunity to enjoy was absolutely magical.

But if you ask them what did they like the most in their journey, they will talk to you about the endless parks with playful squirrels, friendly with people who feed those nuts, and beautiful lakes, full with ducks and swans. Alternative styles of playgrounds, like Diana’s memorial playground with the pirate ship, attracted them, taking advantage of plenty hours of game. Simple little things like going to the market, or taking the subway were their favorite daily activities!

Visiting Borough Market, we tried different flavors from all over the world, such as Chinese dumplings with noodles, spicy Indian, English fish & chips, fluffy cupcakes and French freshly baked pastries that we couldn’t resist. Modern places like “The Real Greek” were our reference point for lunch or dinner, always a safer choice for children, closer to their tasty palette.

As for my anxiety about the big change that children would experience from a provincial city to a European capital city of a different country with a different culture, mentality and civilization, I realized that little fellows have awesome adjustment mechanisms. They are like chameleons!

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