250 gr orzo with dried spinach
2 green horned peppers
1 sweet red horned pepper
350 gr. meat broth
400 gr water
120 gr pork tenderloin meat “apaki”
1 leek
150 gr white cultivated mushrooms
70 gr butter
Parmesan for sprinkling
Basil leaves
Salt – pepper
Everybody loves quick and easy recipes. A friend of mine used to say that good food should be ready in 30 minutes at most. When quality isn't negotiable and you know that in short time you are able to taste a delicious and healthy dish, then this one will surely be one of your favorites.


1.In a medium heavy sauce pan add water and meat broth until boiled.
2.Cut the pork meat into small pieces, slice leek, mushrooms and peppers.
3.In a pan heat 50 gr of butter until melted, add orzo and stir constantly, until grains of orzo are translucent around the edges, about 2 minutes.
4.Add orzo to the sauce pan with meat broth/ water. Boil for 12 minutes (or according to package directions).
5.In the pan, add 20 gr of butter, pork meat, leek peppers and mushrooms. Add pepper and salt. Stir ingredients, until orzo is ready.
6.Once orzo is ready, pour it onto the pan.
7.Stir all the ingredients together and serve.
8.Top with parmesan and some basil leaves.

This dish is tasty, healthy and so light even for dinner. Accompanied by a glass of white wine, it can be such a good choice, especially these days that time is just not enough.

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