250 gr. dark chocolate
5 egg yolks
5 white eggs
250 gr. brown sugar
250 gr. unsalted butter
200 gr. almonds slightly roasted
200 gr self rising flour
1 κ.γ baking powder
1 κ.γ. mahleb
1 vanillin
Zest from 1 orange
100 gr. dark chocolate for glaze
Grated coconut for sprinkling


1.Grate almonds using a multi-cutter.
2.Preheat the oven to 170o Celsius.
3.In a medium bowl, whisk flour, baking powder, mahleb and grated almonds.
4.Melt chocolate with butter in a bain marie and set aside.
5.Beat, with a hand hold or a stand mixer, sugar and egg yolks until smooth and creamy.
6.Add in orange zest.
7.Beat white eggs to a meringue and add in vanillin.
8.Add sugar mixture in the melted chocolate.
9.Then add meringue and combine softly. Finally, add flour. Whisk gently just until incorporated. Don’t over mix because the batter will lose volume.
10.Pour cake batter into a prepared bundt cake pan of 25 cm.
11.Bake cake for 40 minutes.
12.Allow cake to cool in bundt cake pan for at least 10 minutes. Then invert cake onto a wire rack to continue cooling completely.
13.Melt chocolate for frosting in a bain marie and cover the cake.
14.Sprinkle with grated coconut if you like.


Butter cookies can be decorated with melted chocolate and grated coconut.

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