Recipe Category: 2. Savory recipes


Greek zucchini balls

Summer in Greece means “mezedes”, those appetizers, hot or cold, usually savory, placed in the middle of the table, so everyone can enjoy. These zucchini balls are one of the most delicious mezedes. With extra greens and vegetables, they are delicious and healthy.


Gavros marinatos

Marinated fresh anchovies are one of the most delicious side dishes for ouzo or tsipouro. You can find fresh anchovies more or less all year round. They can be consumed fried, roasted and very often cured or marinated, a way to preserve fish for longtime.


Orzo with vegetables

Everybody loves quick and easy recipes. A friend of mine used to say that good food should be ready in 30 minutes at most. When quality isn't negotiable and you know that in short time you are able to taste a delicious and healthy dish, then this one will surely be one of your favorites.